Value added Services for Client's with World-Class Customer Experience

Certain stage of the recruitment process requires high involvement from the client. We make sure that they experience delight while approaching our services so that they can focus on business and everything else will be taken care by us.

01. Pre - Visit Formalities For Our Clients.

Assist client with visa formalities for sourcing countries

Pre-booking of Up-Market Hotel at best price

Pre-Interview Arrangement with Agenda & Timetable

Providing Service Before Self-Interest: We take care of everything before your visit so that you can focus on your business and growth by saving your valuable time.

02. Assistance During The Visit & Interview

A car with driver from airport till their stay to ease the commute

Well-organized interview with efficiency in seperate interview room

Arabic speaking assistant and support for your convenience

Qamr International have always been a forefront of providing value added services: Catering our clients with all the benefits and convenience.

03. After-Interview Assistance Aand Benefits

Helping you conclude a successful interview

After-work refreshments at restaurant

Drop-off at the airport with car & driver

Delightful Experience: Taking into account the overall journey by building long term relationship with our clients.