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QAMR International offers complete Human Resource Management solutions and addresses its vital talent by providing an inclusive recruitment process.

QAMR International offers innovative recruitment solutions. We work as a bridge between our clients and candidates. Our primary endeavor is to assist our clients and the candidates in achieving success in the changing world of employment. Our expertise and skills cover a broad range of HR initiatives and activities. For over 14 years, we are successfully planning and developing our programs to meet our clients' specific organizational needs. We work with different industry sectors such as construction, transportation, manufacturing, maintenance, commercial & retail, power & utilities and hospitality to our honorable clients in GCC Market. We employ a straightforward and practical approach to each project. We develop a long-term partnership with the organizations. One of the primary goals for the QAMR team is to create a Human Resources infrastructure that supports the owners, managers and employers in their present business growth and future growth.



To provide unmatched recruitment solutions that help our clients become more productive and profitable.


To be globally known for an impactful, efficient and innovative Human Resources Consulting Partner.


Creating a self-sustaining, productive environment that gives the best experiences & opportunities of growth to our customers & employees alike.