• Construction

    Workers, Masons, Plumbers

  • Transportation
    Private Driver, Heavy Driver, JCB
  • Manufacturing

    Welders , Carpenters, Machinist.

  • Commercial & Retail
    Salesman, StoreKeeper, Cashier

We fulfilL your manpower demand from india

Qamr International most admired and prominent manpower consultancy in India with excellent 14 years of proven track record and best known for its reliability and goodwill, expertise in International Recruitment sourcing and selection process as well as arrange interview and trade test for company & individuals for various industries, specialized field viz construction, transportation, manufacturing, maintenance, commercial & retail, power & utilities and hospitality in Gulf countries to our honorable clients. We consider expectation of our clients to provide quality manpower solution with deep understanding of their requirements and provide a communication platform between clients and candidates. We take care of all the process in a seamless manner.

We Serve Industries

Domestic services     

House Driver , House Boy


Workers, Masons ,Plumbers.


Welders , Carpenters ,Machinist.


Cleaner ,Workers ,Technicians

Retails & Stores      

Salesman, Store keeper, Cashier.

Restaurant - Foods        

Cook ,Chefs ,Waiters


Receptionist ,House keeping ,Hotel Staff.

Medical & Hospitals

Doctors ,Nurse ,Pharmacist


Light Driver,Heavy Driver,JCB Operator

Power & Utilities        

Electrician ,Wire man ,Electronics Engineering

IT Industry        

Web Developers , Software Developers , Networking.

Accounts & Finance

Financial Advisors, Brokers, Accountants

Our Client